It's time to unleash your company's hidden story.


I'm a Trinidad-based marketing consultant and entrepreneur who's on a mission to help other businesses master the art of storytelling.

Storytelling is one of the most natural, yet underutilized skills we have as human beings. When used correctly, storytelling has the potential to increase credibility, add context to a company's strategy, make online communications more memorable, and inspire customers to make a purchase.

As a marketing consultant, I’m here to help you find your company's hidden stories so that you can create compelling content on social media, attract the right audience, and build profitable relationships.


Successful marketing starts with a good story.


Want to find your hidden story?

I offer a free 30-minute consultation period, so send me an inquiry. I’m ready to help you tap into your company's hidden story.


What my clients say

"Jhalisa conducted an audit assessment of our digital marketing strategy, addressed the gaps, strategized a new initiative, and ultimately gave us the confidence and necessary tools to show up on our social media platforms as our best authentic selves. Since then, we have experienced increased engagement and sales."

- Shanika (St. Vincent & The Grenadines)

"I had a strategy session with Jhalisa because I needed some guidance on how to build my online presence and personal brand. She advised me on how to create content and what type of stories I should post. After the very first day, I saw results. My followers were engaging with me and they were interested in the behind-the-scenes of my business. Mind-blowing!"

- Sakina (The United States of America)

"I just want to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to do the strategy call with me. I took away so many things from our session and got a lot of clarity on how to go about preparing for launching my brand. I also walked away with a high contender for the brand name. You gave me homework for each step of the process and I am working on it and I am becoming clearer with each step."

- Renea (Trinidad & Tobago)

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