Create Content Your Customers Will Love with My Business Printables

October 3rd 2021 | Jhalisa John

In mid-2019, I quietly launched a small collection of products that included a customer profile template, a brand purpose workbook, and a content planner for Instagram Stories. All 3 products were digital files that anyone could download and print, so I called the line "MyBusinessPrintables."

Later that same year, after seeing the response to the collection and how people loved the products - especially the content planner for Instagram Stories, I decided to take a leap of faith and have physical copies printed.

In December 2019, I launched the first physical copy of The Ultimate Planner for Instagram Stories: #GirlBoss Edition, exclusively on Amazon. Since then, I've launched two more versions of that planner, and most recently, I've updated and renamed it The Ultimate Planner for Instagram Stories Content, Campaigns & Reels.

This year, I also launched the official MyBusinessPrintables website, as well as a stylish new collection of notebooks featuring illustrations done by me.

I wanted to formally introduce you to MyBusinessPrintables, which is now a valued division of Jhalisa John & Company, and I also wanted to share more details about the products, the brand's mission, and the intended target market.

Why I Started MyBusinessPrintables

As a marketing consultant, I get a ton of requests and inquiries from entrepreneurs and companies from all over the world who want to work with me. Very early on in my career, I realized that it was impossible for me to work with everyone in a one-on-one capacity, and thus, the idea for MyBusinessPrintables was born.

So many entrepreneurs dive headfirst into a new business with no clear goals, plan, or strategy. Before long, they become overwhelmed and discouraged because there are so many foundational things in their businesses that are missing.

Things like their company mission and vision, their brand values, purpose statement, and customer profiles.

I knew that my products would fill that gap, and give entrepreneurs the clarity and confidence they needed to create better content, attract the right audience, and make more sales.

Who's it for

As a woman, I love creating pretty and practical products for other women. Whether it's clothing or accessories, home decor, and books, everything has to be an honest reflection of me.

With MyBusinessPrintables, it was no different. I stayed within my element and designed products that look and feel very authentic to my girly personality.

I'd imagine that the women who shop at MyBusinessPrintables would be into fashion, beauty, nature, and travel. They'd be intelligent, lovers of all things beautiful, and most importantly, they'd be ambitious women who are serious about achieving their goals.

The Branding & Customer Experience

The ultimate aim for me was to create a brand that exuded happiness, optimism, and creativity. To achieve that, I kept the logo very straightforward and minimal, and I selected a color palette that had a meaningful mix of colors that gave me plenty of freedom to experiment with.

The color pink evokes joy, creativity, euphoria, and feminity. The color purple represents luxury, bravery, and wisdom. The drizzles of orange and yellow add a positive, uplifting, and refreshing energy to the brand that is so necessary.

All of the elements work well together in a harmonious way that mere words can't explain.

When women receive their orders from MyBusinessPrintables, I hope that they can feel all of the love and the passion that went into creating these products. I hope that as they use the planners and the workbooks, they gain greater clarity and confidence to create the type of social media content that turns followers into customers. I hope that they succeed in their businesses, and build personal brands that are thriving and inspiring.

To learn more, visit mybusinessprintables.