Does Your Business Pass The Eyeball Test? Discover The Shortcuts That Make Your Marketing More Effective.

June 14th 2021 | Jhalisa John

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Have you ever heard of the eyeball test?

It's when you quickly scan over something or someone to perform an assessment.

It's a term that's often used in the sports industry when scouting for new talent. In fact, I was first introduced to the term "eyeball test" by a retired pro-basketball player named Walter Bond.

In one of Bond's speeches, he said that successful people usually pass the eyeball test.

They look good, dress to impress, and speak very well.

This got me thinking about how the eyeball test can be applied to business, and if there were other tests people were using to inform their purchase decisions.

Here are two of the tests that I've found.

The Eyeball Test

All of us, whether we're conscious of it or not, use to eyeball test in our daily lives.

We mostly use it to judge other people, but we also use the eyeball test to assess a company's website, products, employees, packaging, and online marketing communications.

The craziest part is that we usually conduct these assessments subconsciously and in about 10 seconds.

This is why I believe it's so important to ensure that your company is making the right first impression on every digital platform it's on.

The eyeball test provides a rapid way for potential customers to make a long-lasting judgment about your business.

The outcome of these judgments then influences their decisions on how they choose to interact with your business. For instance, they affect whether they choose to:

  • follow your business or unfollow
  • like, comment, save, or share your posts
  • visit your website
  • read your blog posts
  • purchase your products
  • watch your YouTube videos
  • tell their friends about you

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How The Eyeball Test Works On Instagram

Passing the eyeball test on every social media platform is important, but on Instagram, it is crucial for your success.

Instagram is the most popular visual platform in the world. It is where beautiful content lives, and where inspirational imagery thrives.

When someone lands on your Instagram page for the first time, they quickly use the eyeball test to decide whether to follow your business or not.

There are several factors that influence what someone may perceive about your business from simply looking at your page. But, the one that you can indirectly control is the first three words that are most likely to come to their mind.

I call this the 3-word test or the 3-word strategy for Instagram because it helps you create content that's in line with your brand's core values, personality, and purpose.

The 3 words should include:

  • a color
  • an adjective
  • and a noun

If you can influence the first 3 words people think about when they land on your profile, then, you can help them make the right connection between the content they see on your feed, and what they believe your business is about.

The Halo Effect

Another shortcut people use when assessing a business is the halo effect.

The halo effect occurs when our general view of someone or something, contaminates our specific views of that person or thing. A positive view is said to be a halo effect, while a negative view is said to be a horn effect.

For example, if a person believes that insurance agents are sleazy scammers who are all selling insurance because they want the commissions, then they will most likely view all insurance agents in this way.

Similarly, if another person believes that Apple products are superior, then they will display a strong preference for other products that Apple creates.

Now, what does this mean for you?

Well, if you own a business, you need to first identify and understand the halo effects that exist in your industry or culture, and then work to challenge them until those general perceptions change in your favor.

How The Halo Effect Works On Instagram

One way we can see the halo effect in action on Instagram is through the use of influencers.

When a company hires a public figure to endorse their products, they usually benefit from the positive perceptions surrounding that influencer.

The influencer's public endorsement of a product is a signal to others that they believe the company's products are "good enough" or worthy of being mentioned, purchased, and used.

We can also see the halo effect in action when we look at the number of followers attractive persons on Instagram have versus an average person.

Attractive people tend to have a lot more followers because people associate positive traits with good looks.

We perceive attractive people to be more intelligent, more athletic, more successful, more approachable, happier - you get the point.

So, if you want to make your Instagram marketing more effective, then you also need to make your content more attractive and work to create a positive halo effect around your brand.

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