Customer profiling, campaign planning, corporate training & consulting - just to name a few.

In social media land, it's easy to feel intimidated or get distracted by what the other people in your industry are doing. As an experienced marketing consultant, I have become versed in the many challenges and potential threats that businesses are facing. Because of that, I am able to provide a variety of services for my clients that cover everything from strategic business planning to campaign development, consulting, professional photoshoots, copywriting, employee training, influencer marketing, and crisis management.



Lackluster content? Are your posts not getting any comments? Or perhaps your website traffic is low, and your marketing team just needs some strategic guidance? Whatever the case may be, I'd be happy to advise you on an appropriate strategy. Paid consultations are perfect for companies and entrepreneurs who urgently need an external viewpoint on internal gaps and challenges.

Corporate Training

Go beyond the typical "sales-pitch-posts" and start sharing meaningful and memorable content that captures attention, engages prospects, and converts followers into qualified leads. These interactive group workshops are intentionally designed to empower your employees to tap into their own hidden stories, as well as their customers' stories - to create posts that people want to read, comment on, and share.

Campaign Planning

Did you know — the ads you see on TV, scroll past on social media, and hear on the radio were all planned and created months ago? Internet marketing success is often the result of very careful and strategic planning. My plans are developed using thorough industry research, detailed customer profiling, and a proper assessment of your company's existing initiatives. Campaign plans are suitable for companies with larger marketing budgets.


Free 30 Minute Consultation


Let's discuss your company's current challenges. During our meeting, I'll ask you a few questions about your business and your marketing. Then, we'll determine how I can best help you.

Corporate Training & Consultations


The truth is, 99% of the entrepreneurs and companies that I talk to, think they need someone to create and share content for them. When in reality, what they really need is to learn how to do social media marketing themselves. My workshops and consultations will give you the confidence and clarity you need to tackle content creation and publishing head-on.

Marketing Plans


If you are looking to launch a business or introduce new products and services, a campaign plan might be suitable for you. We will work together to develop a 3, 6, or 12-month social media marketing communications plan that includes SMART business goals, detailed social media strategies, network-specific tactics, content calendars, and firm campaign controls.

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